Will you like the book I'm writing?

You wondering why you want to take this? Me to. But I don't care much about that, let's see your results!!! Just Kidding. (Well, not entirely) But, my book has Romance, (a little bit) and Adventure! And something else... I forgot...

Ummm, the results will be three (3), you will either like my book, hate it, or think it ok. The last couple are just for fun, they don't count, just seeing id I could make you bored! But I'm not here to do That. Enjoy!!!

Created by: Allison

  1. Do you think a broken nose is scary?
  2. How much do like ADVENTURE???
  3. Do you like Romance?
  4. Do you like the names Annessa, Kaily, Stella and Heather?
  5. Do you think rude and bossy old people deserve to die?
  6. My book will most likely never be available to the public.
  7. Do you think I should put a near-death thingy in my book?
  8. Do think I should an Animal companion for one or more of my Characters? (no effect on your result)
  9. You tired yet? (no effect on end result)
  10. LOL! Did you notice I put the Y in the wrong place on the last Q in TTYL? (No effect, justt keeping you awake!!! Last Question to!)

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Quiz topic: Will I like the book I'm writing?