Which of my Book Characters Are You?

I am currently writing a whole freaking lot of short stories, for my own entertainment. I have three of the main characters, from three of my stories. All are *mostly* human females, but one of them is partially fairy, and one of them has telekinesis.

Guys, a warning!! You may not wish to proceed with my quiz, as all of the results are female character, but if you don't care, quiz away! P.S. This is a relatively long quiz and has 30 questions, so.... Yeah... 😄

Created by: george123
  1. Welcome to my quiz!
  2. Okay, down to business. Who's your best friend?
  3. When and where are you?
  4. What colour is your hair closest to? (Black and red can count as brown)
  5. Finish the sentence: Love is _______.
  6. Your parents are..?
  7. My siblings are..?
  8. My ideal pet is a..?
  9. Which of these ages are you closest to?
  10. What is your goal?
  11. Pick the letter that is most common in your name...
  12. Out of these names your favourite is...
  13. What is your best ability?
  14. Are you popular?
  15. If you had to leave home right now, and could only grab one thing before you left forever, what would it be?
  16. How do you feel about wearing dresses?
  17. Your mother is _____.
  18. Your father is ____.
  19. How long is your hair, roughly?
  20. A great day is....
  21. What colour are your eyes?
  22. Computers are...
  23. Your family is..?
  24. Do you have a phone?
  25. What is your favourite place?
  26. There are only three more questions! How do you feel about that? (No effect on results)
  27. So you know, I only write these stories for me and my family, but I might put them online some day if I ever finish them.
  28. Good bye, my friends! I shall see you next time!

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Quiz topic: Which of my Book Characters am I?