The blinding snow pt 1

Hello people please note that this is paranormal romance and if you're not into those types of storie then you know what to do. But thank you for choosing my storie, i just wanted to prove that i have my own unique flavour, you'll see through the series.

Your name is... I cant remember but its a winter day, after a terrible accident leaves you blind only 'the book' can make you regain your eyesight, with the help of three undoubtly alluring boys you need to find it. Can you get to the book without being broken down by the visions and stop the book from being enthralled?

Created by: Candy20

  1. Its was a cold and bitter winter morning as you put on your boots, you hated winter because it made a rosy glow form on your cheeks and made you look as pale as snow...
  2. You look out the window as you see your bestfriend Andrea Thorton, she was going to pick you up for school, she had been your bestfriend since kindergarten. You tear your eys away from here and focus on the snow, across the street walking in the directií¶n of your school you spot a boy with dark hair and he's accomapanied by a pretty blonde girl, you've never seen them before, but you dont get a chance to look further because there is a hasty knock on the door.
  3. "It's open!" you say and the door opens, its Andrea with her fiery red hair covered with a pink hat and her bright blue eyes covered by thick lensed glass with a black and white plastic frame. "Are you ready?" she asks with a cute crooked smile.
  4. You rush to to your locker as you realise that you're the only one in the hallway as andrea's locker was near the cafeteria, even though you are ten minutes late you are glad to be out of the white, blinding snow. "What are you doing?" someone said making you jump. You desparaty hope that it isnt mr Fletcher, the school principle. You spin around to find that it isnt Mr Fletcher but a boy.
  5. The boy had dirty blonde as he's chestnup eyes bored a hole into your face demandingly. "Does it matter?" you ask trying to ignore the fact that h was f---ing flawless. He seemed to think about it for a second and said, "nope, not really." you giggle at the remark. "I'm Micheal Creset."
  6. "I'm Taren Scott." you say and shake his hand, "Are you new?" "Yeah, i'm new." he replied still holding onto your hand, you notice that he has a scar on his arm it was huge but didnt look much like a scar it was more like an inversed a. "what happened?" you ask. He snatched his hand away and said, "not much, you should get to class.1
  7. While you were in second period (since you missed the first.) you can feel a pair of eyes lingering on you and spin around to see that a boy with hair as dark as ash and eyes just as dark was gazing at you, he wore a black leather jacket and painted he's nails black too. You smile and wave at him but he he scowls at you and gives a dirty look.
  8. The bell rings for third period and the boy walks past you and pushes you onto the table during the act but as he does so his falls. When he disappears around the corner, yot pick it up. It has a thick leather cover with the name Darren Fleming imprinted on it and underneath it was an inversed A, it was like micheal's scar.
  9. You are about to open the book when the boy you'd spotted earlier through the window approaches you. "Hey." he says with a cute dimply smile. "hello." you say. "Im Evan White, im new." he says. "oh, nice to meet you." "yeah and i see you've got Darren's book there, let me give to him" "no, i can give it to him myself" you protested urginly. "That isnt really a good..." "im late for Spanish class, adios."
  10. Instead of going to class, you sneak into the janitor's closet and shut the door. You put you backpack down and open the book but as you do a pair of claws pull, you scream and try to fight back but they are dragging you through the wall...
  11. To be continued....
  12. Please rate and comment or else no part 2.

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