Will You Fatten Your Lady or Not

The quiz title speaks for itself. I will be using fuzzy, crude logic and lopsided, crooked analysis to take a wild guess at your stance on this issue.

The results will go out on a limb and assess the size of lady you will likely end up with. Assuming you do not already know this, perhaps this quiz will help you find out.

Created by: arex
  1. The basics: What is your ideal weight for a lady?
  2. How many meals will your girl eat daily?
  3. How much physical activity will you let your girl do?
  4. How much will you let your girl eat?
  5. Moving On: Your friend hooks you up with a girl. She has a nice appearance but you note a slight bulge of belly fat on her. What do you do?
  6. For the sake of argument, you go out on a date with the girl. During the outing she says she wants to gain weight. Your reaction?
  7. Lets say, you continue dating this women and after a month of buffet dates note that her belly once a small bulge now hangs over her pants. Your reaction?
  8. You take this woman to a all-you-can-eat establishment after a video. She has already helped herself do two full dishes. She loosens her garment, belches and asks you to get her thirds. What do you do?
  9. You have been dating this women long enough that its her birthday. What do you get her?
  10. You've been seeing this woman now for five months and she now weights 210 lbs. How do you feel about this?
  11. You spend the day at your house watching chick flicks with this girl. What is she doing while watching?
  12. While out in the mall, she sits down and her jean button pops off and her belly gushes out. How do you react?
  13. A year has passed and the feasts you have taken her on have made the girl 312 lbs. She has a sizable belly with rolls and must use plus size clothing. She says she wants to lose weight, what do you do?
  14. Lets say, you decide to get her to keep gaining and succeed in doing so. In a odd twist of fate she now lets you feed her. When do you stop?
  15. Your choices of diet for her has made her crack 380 lbs. To celebrate, as a gag she tries putting on small size clothing. How do you react?
  16. Two years pass and you've gotten to know this women very well. She has also expanded into a big woman of 449 lbs. Assuming two years is enough time and you are financially independent, would you marry her?
  17. Assuming you wed, how will you spend the honeymoon?
  18. Come your first anniversary and your spouse is now a 502 lbs mound of belly fat, belly rolls, love handles, and flab. What would be your gift for her?
  19. Two years in and she is 600 lbs. She says she wants to stop gaining. Your reaction.
  20. For the sake of argument, she permits you to keep feeding her and she gains to over 700 lbs. She can only wear customized clothes and can barely get out of a chair due to this weight. What do you feel towards her?
  21. Come your four year anniversary, she is now 992 lbs and she wants to crack 1000 lbs. She now has belly rolls the size of your waist and lots of them. These and the rest of her flab have pretty much confined her to her bed and cleaning her is getting unruly and expensive. How do you handle this?
  22. Lets say you make her a star and she hits the big time [literally and figuratively]. Besides bringing in megabucks she now wights in at 1300 lbs. How will you celebrate your good fortune.
  23. [This has been beaten to death so last one:] Your girl is now a video megastar and has secured the world record for fattest women with her mass of 1600 lbs. You notice during the filming of the latest film that a member of the crew seems to like you. One day she works up the courage to ask out a costar and asks you out. Her pull on pants are stretched and bulge out noticeably and her tank top reveals belly rolls and love handles. She admits she's 420 lbs and likes buffets. What do you do?
  24. [wrap up]: Where would you like to get your girl's clothes.
  25. If you could describe your girl by one adjective, what would it be?
  26. What do you like to be largest on a girl?
  27. How does your girl behave after a meal?
  28. How would others react to your woman if they saw her in public?
  29. [finished!] Just out of curiosity, what do you think of the quiz author [This question has no effect on your score]??

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Quiz topic: Will I Fatten my Lady or Not