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  • Just into high school and I care more about school than my mental health and hoping (and probably succeeding) to get to college. But yet Im probably going to dropout. Well... at least the test says I will.

  • I'm in 11th and honestly don't feel like being in school anymore. I'm homeschooled and I just don't feeling doing school. it's not that I'm failing it's just the fact I feel like I have done enough.

    what do you think I should do?

  • I know I won't drop out .I know i won't .I might be only in 6th grade ,but i know i want to go to go to college .

  • i might drop out homie sure im a b+ student but im in 10th and i just need 15 more credits to past my junior year graduating in 2010 at age sixteen hahahahahaha

  • noooooooooooooooooo ooo!!!!!!!!!11 noo!!!!!!! no i would so not drop out of high school dats STUPID! >_<

    i'm a junior and i'm 15, it would be pointless to drop out now since i only have one year to go and plus i'm doing good in school. so.. no!!!!!!!


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