Will you do what i say?

But really, will you? There are three possible endings to this, one happy, one okay, one sad. Please don't pick the wrong ones..Have fun though! ~Sips coffee~

Oh by the way, maybe check out my other quizes after this? I take reccomendations. Also also, if you make me happy, i MIGHT Give you a coffee.~Sips coffee again~

Created by: Dododdoododod

  1. Alright, First task of the day. Grab a snack to eat.
  2. Second task of the day, pretend you are a cat, and i am your master, only when you're home though. I wouldn't embarrass you.
  3. Third task of the day, get your credit card we're going shopping.
  4. Now, we wont go to a specific store, because of copyright. Let's just go to some store with books, not a library though.
  5. Now, I'll tell you what's optional, assuming you got your picture books, Let me give you the shopping list. Diapers that fit you. (Optional.) Pacifier, or two. (Optional.) A onesie. (Not optional.) A Sippycup/Or bottle (Optional.) A rattle. (Not optional.)
  6. Now, as soon as you're home, put on the onesie, I assume you have it, it wasn't optional. And if you did buy it, put on the diaper. (No there won't be any mean forced things.) Put in your pacifier, fill up your Sippycup/Bottle with milk, and go read your picture book, but here's the challenge, only pee or poop in your diaper. (If you didn't get it then in your onesie, if you did't get the onesie, in your clothes.)
  7. (Wait 15 Minutes Before Answering.) So kitty, what are you up to?
  8. I want you to get dressed in some cute clothes. (Still in your diaper) And go for a walk in the park! (There will always be an extra option from now on, that wont affect your score.)
  9. Now, go get a stuffed animal, sit in your bed, and take a nap.
  10. Good morning, hope your nap was good. It's that time of day again, the time to eat! Go get some food, and drink from your Bottle/Sippycup!
  11. Psst, You know what time it is? Time to play! If you're on mobile, download a baby game on your phone and play it for 30 minutes, if you're on a computer on laptop, listen to baby songs for 30 minutes.
  12. Alright, time for exercise. Just uh, sit there and wobble around for 2 minutes.
  13. Did you enjoy this? (Doesn't affect your score.)

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Quiz topic: Will I do what i say?