Will you date Logan Paul?

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This is just for fun, You will answer these questions and see if you will date him or not! Make sure to share his to your friends and tell them how much to loved this!

You may take this quiz many times you want. this is only ages 9+!!!! if not I will hunt you down for good................ so dont take this quiz at all!

Created by: Ramen Noodles 201819
  1. Do you even have a crush on him?
  2. If you asked him out where would you guys go?
  3. If you invited him to his house what will you do first?
  4. What kind of person are you!?
  5. Like the quiz so far? (no effect)
  6. if you saw his suicide video, what will be your actions and reaction to this
  7. why do you want to date him?
  8. if you married him what will you now do?
  9. (just for fun wont effect) would you photo shop is face?
  10. to confirm your ages 9 and up, what is 12x12? (this will effect your answer!)

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Quiz topic: Will I date Logan Paul?