Will you ever date a BTS member ?

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Yoo guys here is a fun quiz for you ! This is just a fun quiz don't take too seriously 😅😅 Everyone of you is beautiful , and who knows , one of u might actually be the lucky one to date one of them ! 💘😏

Thanks for taking the quiz btw 😁💯❤ BTS loves everyone , and so should u do , love them as well ! They're really amazing in what they're doing, but they're human beings after all , they'd date u if they'd feel attracted to you even tho ur not famous!

Created by: Ona K
  1. How would you react if you'd win the chance to meet BTS?
  2. What would be ur gift for them ?
  3. Jimin comes closer to you and wants to meet u personally, how would u react?
  4. J-hope compliments ur looks , what do u do ?
  5. Jungkook grabs ur hand and pulls you closer and hugs you . Your reaction??
  6. Namjoon starts a conversation with u ... he asks u about ur favorite field in life.. your respond ??
  7. Suga throws a basketball at you . Your reaction?
  8. TaeTae is staring at you ! Your reaction?
  9. Jin sends you a flying kiss . Your reaction?
  10. What would ur outfit be on that big day ?

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Quiz topic: Will I ever date a BTS member ?