what undertale character would you date?

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do you have a consern that the underground is real well you can find out wich one you would date in this quiz sorry but there is a puns in here sooooo get dunked on

plz click on this i had no idea what i was doing i just went with it sooooooo sorry if you hate puns but guess it's just not your lucky day or is it :P

Created by: indiana
  1. male our female?
  2. if would date someone what would there personality be like
  3. what would they look like
  4. do they like puns *click* or nah
  5. what would your reaction if there was a pun in this quiz
  6. are they lazy or are they all over the place
  7. are you adventurus
  8. do you like undertale (if you've played the game)
  9. is sans cool or is he just a lazy skelly
  10. hope you like fish puns but i might have to find salmon else to share em' with (*evil laugh* see what i did there did you like it *click* or nah)

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