Will you be fat, skinny or the same in the Future?

Just answer 12 simple questions to find out your future. I mean, to find out the future you have to know the present! Right? How about you try my latest, and most coolest quiz that popped to my mind! ;)

You'll never know what you'll look like in the future, unless you take this quiz! Get your lazy butt up off that couch, and head to gotoquiz and try out the latest quiz! MINE!

Created by: x_brii_x
  1. You walk into McDonalds...you order...
  2. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend this is a mostly girl quiz :OO) Asks you to get a little more "meatier" you respond:
  3. Do you like staring at big bellies of the internet?
  4. Do you feel like you eat a lot but don't gain a single pound?
  5. You'd rather...
  6. Your belly button is...
  7. Your super hungry! You...
  8. You love...
  9. Do you like Chicken?
  10. All done! The results are being calculated! So did you like this quiz? (No effect***)

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Quiz topic: Will I be fat, skinny or the same in the Future?