Are you gonna be fat or skinny in the future

Alright, this quiz is about you and being fat it's simple. If you fail you're probably fat but if you pass you are hopefully skinny and didn't lie. I wish you the best of luck Oh wait luck won't matter)

Oh and by the way you might see the e-mail address it doesn't exist it is non existent and maybe the name is wrong or it's correct. maybe I want some small fame.

Created by: Connor

  1. Do you like to eat food A LOT?
  2. Do you like to eat MC Donald's?
  3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend loves food a lot would you eat a lot of food with them or not?
  4. What would you rather eat, A nice juicy burger, steak, hot dog. OR.... a fresh salad (yum) or some fruits and vegetables?
  5. If you could what would food type would you eat?
  6. Do you like to eat unhealthy foods or healthy foods?
  7. Are you eating popcorn right now?
  8. Are you on a diet?
  9. (Only applies to the shinnies if you're not just click the one with the period) Do you like being skinny?
  10. Did you like the quiz because it's over *(NO EFFECT)*

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Quiz topic: Am I gonna be fat or skinny in the future