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  • “You will be obese”. Although the quiz is obviously not accurate, this result is 100%😝Me and my boyfriend are already working hard to make me as fat as we’re comfortable with (so far, 200lbs and counting). He buys me McDonald’s all the time and we both work there so we get discount on all the food😍

    Ellsjh Oct 14 '18, 3:14PM
  • Still though this is a very great quiz thanks for the questions.

    fatGuy124368709 Sep 25 '18, 8:03PM
  • I’m over 700 pounds and love it and I’m still very healthy,I feel no pain or aches I still don’t have a eating disorder which means I’m good,I maybe fat but not unhealthy.

    fatGuy124368709 Sep 25 '18, 8:02PM
  • 'You will be chubby' Alright, I'll stay chubby..? :0

    CheeseballAlien Apr 25 '18, 5:09PM
  • I will be underweight or perfect weight :)

    Mirapuppy Apr 24 '18, 8:40PM
  • Hehehe
    i will b chubby in my future . it's fabulous ^,^
    Thank you 4 making diz stunnin' test ;D

    jemah jempot Apr 23 '18, 11:54PM

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