will the fnaf crew embarrass you or not

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so this is part 1/4 quizzes i am going to do before 2:00am. i am also to be doing challenges. i am in nothing but my trouser right now. so i hope you like my quiz. (edit:i failed at my challenge)

now for random words:jfihrgjhjfjfnjsfbvnbfgnfgbgfjfgbgbfdjbgjfhfjhgjfbsdhugjufughgjrbhghvbjuyr848urhguvhr8e849rureeruruegyurgywugyhuhyfughvhbfhhgfvbhgbhg

Created by: r.p. silver
  1. ok so this is part 1/4 quizzes i am going to make in a row. this is the challenge streak. i will have a different challenge each quiz i make for the next 4 quizzes. this one is me in just my undies. are you ready for some r.p.
  2. you were kicked out of your house in nothing but a diaper and your parents said "you will go do stuff in the city in that diaper and do not use the bathroom and you will ask someone to change you". they then locked the door and shouted "go to the city, or we will make you go naked". you ran at that threat. you hid in a ally and you found a door that went into Freddy fazbears pizza. you loved it there and it was closed so you went in and locked the door. what do you do next
  3. you went to (insert place you picked). when got there you sat down. "you should not be here its after hours" (insert the name of the animatronic that i said you would meet). you freeze and see (animatronic) talking to you. he/she did not look happy. what do you say?
  4. before you could say anything, she/he saw you in a diaper. you blushed. "aw do you need to wear diaper's" he/she asked
  5. (no matter what you did, you lied). "aw come on lets go meet my other friends" the animatronic said. you went out and all the other animatronics saw you in a diaper. you were so nerviness that you peed yourself and now everyone can see. what happens
  6. he/she then placed you on the floor and took your bag and got out all the supply's. you blushed when you saw the diaper being unstrapped. you blushed even more as you felt his hand be placed against your bum while he plased the the oil. after he was done, he took you out of the back stage. you then sat on a chair. chica then said "i am going to go make pizza". what do you say?
  7. when the pizza was done, you felt very tired and everyone knew it. they then place you in a bed and lied you down. what do you say.
  8. you woke up to something being placed on your behind. you shot awake. you then saw that you were being changed by Bonnie. "you wet yourself, and i was the only one here so i changed you" he said. you said thank you, and then you saw that it was getting late. what do you say to the fazgang for taking care of you
  9. so how did you like my 1st of 4 quizzes i am going to make before 2:00am
  10. bye

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