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  • Aw, you're so cute. Dude, you need to think realistically. I think it's great you haven't had long relationships. There are plenty of fish in the water. Honestly, you're not my type. I prefer boys who accept my flaws, and make me laugh. Have you ever NOT talked patronizingly? Mature a little.

  • Are you the one 46%

    Unlucky sweetheart things just wasn't meant to be maybe if you were a bit different we could make it work...

    I was fine with the result because I did this for fun, but then I saw this part "maybe if you were a bit different". I'm sorry, but are you freaking kidding me? To me, that sounds like you want whoever got the same result as me, to change for you. Now, you may not have meant it like that, but that's just how I thought it.

  • LullabyofNight: u think I'm cute, well that's awesome and maybe I need to grow up a little thanks for the advice (Hope you find a way to read this)

    DaughterofAp ollo: You rite maybe I should want anyone to change because I prefer it so, because I wouldn't like anyone wanting me to change (Hope you find a way to read this)

    Everyone else leave a comment please it helps...


  • cool quiz dude!well i didnt scored high lets say 50-50.but there is no possibility that i could meet u so ,its not that bad.and please check my quiz sneak peak!love story or not? and tell me should i continue? i hope u will!!cya:)


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