Wich of my characters are you?

There are many types of people ad personalities...Here are some fictional characters that may be like you!All of these characters were created by me.Up to the challenge?

Did you ever wonder wich of these fictional characters are you most like?Now you can find out!Take this 15 question quiz and you'll see!(There will be a brief description of te characters at the end).Now is your chance!

Created by: Yuna
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First,wich of these is near your birthday?
  2. Choose a color
  3. Use a word to describe yourself:
  4. Favorite food out of these:
  5. The glass is half full or half empty?
  6. Are you girly?
  7. Think fast!
  8. At what time you usually wake up?
  9. If you only had one wish,what would you choose?
  10. Do you consider yourself phisically or mentally strong?
  11. Do you make friends easily?
  12. Do you like books?
  13. Who do you think you will get? (Will not affect the results)

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Quiz topic: Wich of my characters am I?