How well do you know the bosses?

This quiz revolves around fictional characters in a fictional world, and basically they run a business. This is to see how much you know about them... hopefully some prior knowledge has been obtained.

How much do you know about ocs that I never share any info about??? Wow you know what I'm so tired and it won't let me just leave this space blank so here are words

Created by: SM
  1. First of all, what is the name of the (fictional) country that they reside in?
  2. Who founded Viersden Inc.?
  3. Which country is said founder originally from?
  4. How many branches make up the company?
  5. Choose the person that is NOT in charge of any of those branches.
  6. Are all of these people married or in relationships?
  7. Personal/miscellaneous questions about them now: Who is the warden of the national prison?
  8. And the warden is originally from...
  9. Phil is very afraid of...
  10. Ed's favorite hobby is...
  11. Who has a large garden filled only with rose bushes?
  12. Ed has a butler named...
  13. Al's favorite food?
  14. Manfred Glade has how many ex-wives?
  15. What significance does "Party" have?
  16. Select which one is NOT a zodiac sign of the "main 4."
  17. Who is the oldest?
  18. Which of the main 6 is not from a European country?
  19. How did Al propose to his partner?
  20. Aside from being the warden, Parker has also wanted to become a(n)...
  21. What is the name of the doctor that is always giving misinformation?
  22. Phil has been struggling with ...
  23. Robin owns about how many cars?
  24. Which person is nicknamed "the octopus"?
  25. Which of these workers has robbed a bank successfully?
  26. I'm done with thinking of questions right now but aren't the bosses just great???

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the bosses?