Who will you love? part 4

this time you find out about Seths past! the guys have a massive fight over you! there's another oppertunity to use your new power! Please comment and tell me who you love. ♥ So enjoy! XD ♥

Description of the guys ♥Seth - Cute! medium height, tousled blonde hair, bright blue eyes ♥Gavin - Hot! tall, tanned skin, dark brown hair and cheeky grin, chocolate brown eyes ♥Blake - Shy! short-ish with longish BLACK hair, dimples and glass green eyes ♥Conner - Mysterious! Also tall, pale skin, jet black hair that falls over one eye, grey eyes

Created by: Alethea
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  1. Each of the guys look mad. Before you can get a word in a fight has begun. Gavin's electricity is shooting this way and that. Seth (though his healing powers are no use) is hurling knifes and various other objects at the other guys. Blake (using his mindreading powwah) predicts what the other guys are gonna do and is flinging razor blades. Conner however has exited the room! you hear a window smash and a figure disapear into the distance.
  2. One of Gavin's electricity bolts hits Blake's head!! you expect his hair to have gone but it actually has just turned jet black (like Conner's) His green eyes narrow as he sends all his blades toward Gavin. Seth meanwhile is running toward you, you glance to the side and realise one of Gavin's electricity bolts went the other way and is headed straight for you!!! the electricity pulses through your entire body and you fall to the ground unconcious.
  3. you wake up later to have a tired looking Seth by your side. He's raking his hands through his blonde hair, you see cuts and bruises all over him. He looks up and instantly cheers up "thank god you'ra awake! I was so worried."
  4. "Seth you shouldnt have been fighting." you tell him sternly. He laughs gently. "I had to, for you. How are you? Gavin certainly gave you a big shock." you look at yourself you seem ok and feel fine. Seth brushes your hair from your face and smiles. you ask....
  5. "Well, I'm fine honestly. Gavin's feeling very guilty you ought to talk to him later. Conner hasn't come back yet..." He says looking slightly depressed "I think Blake's hair is perminantly black now though!" He adds laughing. "you should stay in bed a little longer. I was wondering while you were waiting would you like to hear my story?" He asks.
  6. "But i suppose you'd rather see it yourself?" He says smiling "Use your power." he says. you take hold of his hand and concentrate. Memories come flooding in... A young boy with bright blue eyes is sat cowering in a corner you can see a woman being beaten by a tall angry man who then approaches the quivering child... a second memory comes into your head, Seth is a little older and sat by a bed taking care of the same woman, he must be only 9 or 10 but he has a determined look in his eye. the memory fades. Another comes, this time Seth is bidding farewell to the woman you hear him say "I'll be back tomorrow mother, you take care!" he kisses his mother on the cheek and leaves. the next memory shows what you saw in Blake's memory, he's sitting with her but her eyes already look dead. Seth is then shown next to a cliff, about to jump... when someone puts a blanket around his shoulders and leads him away you can just make out the scar and lost expression on the other boy's face...
  7. As these memories fade other brighter memories enter your mind this time there of you. Laughing, Smiling and just when you're daydreaming. there's one of you in bed the day the guys kidnapped you and you see the concern on his face. the memory of you and Gavin kissing... the last is when you got struck by lightening, Seth runs to your side while Gavin and Blake fight, razor blades are cutting into Seth's back but he doesnt seem to notice. He sits over your body screaming for help.
  8. the room comes back into focus and Seth is looking at you worriedly. "I hope you didnt see anything too bad, i cant control which memories you see." He then gives you a hug. Its warm and friendly, it feels nice and you hug him back.
  9. Blake walks into the room. He doesnt seem bothered by the embrace and smiles at you overjoyed. "_____ i hope you can forgive me for my rude behavior. I wont do it again. i promise."
  10. Ok thats part 4 ! you haven't seen Gavin yet but you know he wants to talk to you. & Conner's gone ='[ but dont worry he'll come back! XD Anywayz who do u love?

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 4