Who Will You Like Part 4?

I'm sorry that this quiz took so long and I'm really really sorry if this quiz was kind of stupid or crappy... I just didn't have the time but enjoy this quiz. And comment and rate.

Please I'm really sorry that I took so long I'm just really busy and I'm really really sorry if this quiz sucks or is stupid or really crappy. But please comment and rate.

Created by: xxshattered_soulxx

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  1. So your crying when all of a sudden aaron asks wats wrong? You say nothing that was just really touching.
  2. So then lucas enters the room and say's "hey lunch is ready if you two are hugry"
  3. So aaron and lucas exit the room and aiden enters the room and sits next to you and say ,"_____ I love you and I just want you to kno that no matter we'll find a way to destroy ALL of the demons."so both of you leave the room and go outside and sit on the grass.
  4. While you and aiden are sitting on tha grass aiden puts his arm around your shoulder and ask," out of all the girls at scool y do you lik me?" aiden answers "well you hav very beatiful (color) eyes. I luv your wavy (hair color) hair, your very beautiful and I luv that your very independent"
  5. Which ever you chose aiden kisses you on the cheek and brings you back inside... So you and the guys go shopping but when you c the cutest pair of skinny jeans you look at the price and you c lucas grab it to go pay 4 it. "its the least I could do"
  6. So you, lucas, aaron and aiden go to the food court and you want a smoothie. So you go to the smoothie shop and once you order, but before your about to pay aaron pays for you. And aaron says"its the least I can do"
  7. Once you guys get home you hear aiden thinking *I just can't stop thinking about ______. Shes just so perfect and beatiful* so you go up to aiden and give him a soft kiss on the cheek and you say ," your really sweet" then you walk off.
  8. That's all for 2da cya in prt 5.
  9. Jmja
  10. Jgb

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Quiz topic: Who will I Like Part 4?