the chosen part thirteen

Hi guys. Again, this is part 13 of my 'The CHosen series'. I am sorry for the delay in time. I couldn't be asked to do it so here you have it. Part 13.

NO more recaps, I can't remember whaty has happened. Oh, for those of you who comment on this quiz, I am glad you like it. So, when you are ready proceed into the quiz below...

Created by: Dayna
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  1. You walk down the stairs to the basement. It's a wreck, just as you left it. Ahead of you, on the steps infront of a large wooden table is a dead girl you knew as Theresa.
  2. To your left is a boy, not dead but not entirely living. He is curled in a ball, in pain. You tap into his mind.
  3. You see a young boy and a girl, in a room together. Then you see Seth walk in. He looks broken. The young man you know as Michael leaves. The girl you knew as Theresa gets yelled at.
  4. You pull out of his mind. You say, "Guys, My arm hurts again. It's the same one a the first time Seth tried to kill me!" They rush over, your arm hasa dark green mark on it.
  5. "_____, let's go. Seth may still try to attack you in his state." Alex says. "He's right. We'll hes not but we should go." Blake sighs. You leave.
  6. You get home and Alex runs to the kitchen and grabs a bottle off of the side. You sit down in the living room while blake examines your arm. You decide to ask him something.
  7. "Blake, do you have a brother?" You ask. "A brother? Yeah, why?" He replies. "The night of the fight I saw everyone's memories or thoughts at that time. Your's had your brother in it."
  8. "Yeah, anyway about your arm, It looks like the reaction from your powers." Blake begins. "Will I be ok?" You ask. "Yeah, but the point is this isn't from Seth."
  9. "Oh no...That's bad right?" You say. "Yeah, it is." You run to your room. And you see a note on your pillow.
  10. '____, I'm sorry again but I'm in trouble. I can't stay there. I'm in the woods not far from the house. I'm by the waterfall, meet me there? Love Michael xxx.'
  11. You go to see him. And he's surrounded by guys in black suits. One has a gun and is pointing it at Michael.

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