who will fall for you?

First installment of this series. please try if you are a girl. This is short but the others will make up for it. And now, random things to meet the requirements. jdgfldhfkjbkdjfbkdn. HA!

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Created by: kristen
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  1. sorry, boys, this is an all girl-er. Anyways, you're yourself; looks, hair, everything. You're walking dow the street back home from school with two boys you've known for a couple years. sounds good?
  2. What are you wearing?
  3. You've known these boys for awhile, so you know they're brothers. Blaine, the younger, smiles and asks about the movie he lent you. Aaron, the elder, just smiles and asks about the day.
  4. Suddenly, they stop you. A second later there's a huge, ugly beast in front of you. Blaine's hissing, and so's Aaron. They leap in front of you, with what looks to be cat tails and ears sprouting out from their forms.
  5. Aaron's nowhere to be found, instead there is a tiger where he once was. Blaine's still there, but he still has those weird extra joints. Blaine and the tiger lunge at the beast, forcing it down and killing it. You can't see much, but from what you can you feel nauseos.
  6. you here an ear-splitting scream and a a thick fog surrounds you, blinding you for what seems like an instant. When you can see again, the beast is gone and Blaine and Aaron are standing in front of you, looking completely normal again, with the exception of the looks of urgency in their faces.
  7. "We have to get out of here, ____. It's not safe anymore." Aaron says. "they're back. we have to go!" Blaine nods. "_____ we have to go. NOW. follow us."
  8. Suddenly, your in somebody's arms, being carried by what feels faster than a mile a minute.
  9. when you stop you're in a room that looks like a substantial bedroom, but it's nothing special. "This'll be your room for now. You have to do as we say, or else you might be killed by the creature you encountered earlier." said Aaron. Blaine added "you should rest now, we'll wake you when the time comes. Don't worry, you're safe."
  10. They take you down a hall way where you go to a room down where there are two figures. they tell the brothers you are ready, but you're not sure what for exactly. I must say good bye for now, but please rate and comment until part two.

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