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  • Ugh. I got mason. I know a mason, and he is tall, with blond hair, and hazel eyes. I put medium, brown hair, with brown yes.

    Sashahorse Feb 15 '19, 11:17AM
  • I got 100% Dylan... Yay?

    JADEternal Feb 12 '17, 6:12PM
  • Dang I got mason now but I put hazel eyes not brown...

    Lpshannah Jun 27 '15, 5:23AM
  • Omg I got William lol but I put medium not tall... Oh well

    Lpshannah Jun 27 '15, 5:17AM
  • I want a box of chocolates and a teddy bear DD: i got Mason though...:/

    TheInLoveGirl Feb 4 '15, 4:02PM
  • Mason, that fits me perfectly ^_^

    GraceyCat Feb 14 '14, 9:02AM
  • Dammit! Every Logan I know is a freak or a crack head!

    Immadog Feb 17 '13, 8:13PM
  • william.. he's supa cute

    GlambertChick Feb 16 '13, 8:43AM
  • Huh. I know a kid named Mason. He's nice too :)

    burnhamlover Feb 14 '13, 7:46PM
  • What do you mean by Logan?
    I like Adrian, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna ask me out.

    chocolate127 Feb 13 '13, 8:50PM
  • MASON!!!!

    ME234 Feb 13 '13, 9:03AM
  • I love teddy bears, Evan! Yeah, I'm a lonely person that I have an imaginary boyfriend now.

    NeonHedgehog Feb 3 '13, 2:32PM

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