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  • It seems like even though you are unsure you really want Charlie. I'd say give it some time. Try getting closer with both of them, and maybe have a real conversation rather than texting. You learn more about each other by actually talking. Go with who makes you happier. Good luck :)

  • I'd say go after Charlie. Even if he is a bit of a jerk, he may (he might not though) turn out to be a sweet heart on the inside. Plus, it's probably good to have a bit in common with your partner, or else you won't have much to talk about. Give it a little longer and get to know them better.

  • I say go after John. If he makes you happy, that's all that matters. If Charlie doesn't even know you exist, and John does, go after John.

  • I'd say you need to get closer to both of them. Although my personal opinion would be Charlie.

  • You said that Charlie doesn't even know you are going to the same school and John brightens your day. I say give it some time.

  • I think I go with Jone because he likes you but Charlie didn't seen that he likes you

    tea peeta
  • I say go with Charlie. I also agree with luvHungerGames2 and OmegaWolf9, give it some time

    Miss Direction
  • Personally, i think Charlie. But as LuvHungerGames2 said, give it some more time.

  • umm... if i were you .. i'd go for charlie... if he kinda teases u then its a sign that he probably likes u... but i too suggest you to give it a rest :)


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