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  • I'm a Penguin any leopards haha fun quiz 8)

    RockinRose Apr 6 '14, 11:21AM
  • I'm a bunny!!!! I need a bluejay!!! only if ur a guy!!!!!plase comment going out 2 da blue jays!!! expecially if ur the guy i talk bout on my page!!!

    b_ball player May 23 '08, 7:37PM
  • I'm a leopard and I need a penguin! :D Good quiz

    Nobody May 16 '08, 11:03PM
  • im a penguin and i need a leopard as the results said

    softballrulez May 15 '08, 7:43PM
  • Your Result: You are a Squirrel!

    You are nutty! You are hyper and love exploration.Happine ss is your top priority at the moment.Your friends think you're crazy! You are good at most things you do. Soulmate:Butterfly

    You are a Penguin!
    Your a Blue Jay!
    You are a Leopard!
    You are a Bunny!
    You are a Butterfly!

    this quiz was good except for #12.

    Puppy xo1 May 13 '08, 11:56PM
  • adorable quiz :3

    misskiss May 13 '08, 10:24PM

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