Who's ur anime BF

ok this is a little anime BF quiz i did cuz i was bored. if youve ever wanted top know who your anime BoyFriend is then try this little teensy-weensy quiz.

Are youi wondering who your awesome ANIME BOYFRIEND is?? if your one of those COOL curious ppl then take this quiz to learn.......... WHO YOUR ANIME BOYFRIEND IS!!!! (girls only unless the guys want to)

Created by: katsuhime-chan
  1. your ideal guy is...
  2. he see's someone bulying you so he.....
  3. his personal sense of style would be
  4. his ideal date would be
  5. his hair color would be.....
  6. that describe your first kiss
  7. his view of life??
  8. does he have morals??
  9. your fav type of music
  10. do you like waffles??
  11. if this quiz sucks, its because its my first one.........

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