who is your anime bae?

most anime fans which their favorite characters exsisted in real life (me being one of them) but what if they did exsisted would you date are you comaptible or far apart

Sasuke Uchiha? Itachi Uchiha? Ichigo Kurosaki? Tomoe Kamisama? love anime? who are you compatible with? take the quiz and find out P.S. if you dont know who these characters are, dont even bother with this quiz. google them personally i think theyre all adorable

Created by: Jannae
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. favorite color
  2. what the best characteristic in a guy
  3. lover or fighter
  4. music type
  5. u see a stranger being attacked what do u do
  6. how do you fight
  7. your spouse is mad at you what do you do
  8. free day what to do
  9. feelings towards weak people
  10. what are you in class

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Quiz topic: Who is my anime bae?