Who Is Your Anime Lover Based On There Zodiac Sign?

I wonder if me and Ichigo are compatible. Too bad there is no anime lover quiz. Tell now. Find out your anime lover based on his and your sign. For fun but, 65% accurate.

Do you like anime and astrology ? Then take this quiz to find out your lover based on his and your sign. Not 100% accurate because they are anime and ageless.

Created by: Daheun
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your element of your sun sign.
  2. What is your Venus sign element?
  3. Are you extroverted or introvert?
  4. Are you practical or a idealistic?
  5. Are yo confident?
  6. Do you like black butler?
  7. Do you like our an high school host club?
  8. Do you like my candy love?
  9. Do you like bleach(the show)
  10. Do you like anime guys?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Anime Lover Based On There Zodiac Sign?