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  • Who is your anime lover based on there zodiac sign

    Your Result: Ciel Phantomhive 80%

    Your anime lover is Ciel. Words to describe him are ORIGINAL PROVOCATIVE DARING EXCESSIVE MOODY ISOLATED. His sun sign is in Sagittarius meaning he is: philosophical,energetic and like traveling( based on only his sun sign. His Venus sign is possibly in Capricorn meaning he tends to keep his feelings under control so ( if he was real he might seem cold or unemotional ) and usually get in relationships for practical reason(gold-digger) but if he was to fall in love with someone besides for personal gain he will show he loves you not by flowers or chocolate but, probably by paying rent or buying you nesassary clothes like for an interview, or he will help you with your career.

    69% Nathaniel
    65% Tamaki Suoh
    57% Finn the Human
    46% Ichigo

  • Nice quiz but I would of loved it if there were more results. But I still loved it please make more. If you are reading this please visit some of my quizzes and if possible comment and/or give me some ideas for some quizzes. If i make your idea into a quiz you get a free shoutout. Thanks :)

    Raptor Gal

    Raptor Gal

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