What is your zodiac sign

I really hate the fact that it has to be a certain length which is why i am writing this so the info is in paragraph two. He he (thats laughing) unfortunately there isn't a year of the cat, but i guess thats what the tigers there for.

If you don't know which zodiac sign or Chinese year you were born in roll up. Though its a little vague because you cant have 12 answers it may still help you. The first zodiac sign in the answer will be the earlier year. Press the same no. Down every second lot of years/ every twelve years so you get the same result.

Created by: BFFNNATF
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Enter your year of birth part 1 If it is not anywhere try twelve years away from it.
  2. What year were you born in? If not there try twelve years away.
  3. What year were you born in? If not there try twelve years away.
  4. Question 1 part b
  5. Part c
  6. Part c
  7. Part d
  8. Part e
  9. Part f
  10. Part f
  11. Part g
  12. Part h
  13. Part i
  14. Part j
  15. Part k
  16. Part L

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Quiz topic: What is my zodiac sign