How Well Do You Know The Zodiac? 2

The Zodiac. Some may not know it, but each person was born under a sign that can tell almost anything about a person. This quiz will test you on a few little things about Sun Signs.

So, do you know the Zodiac? how about the animals in it? Or what gemstone a person could be born under? Give this quiz a go and find out how much you know!

Created by: Starr

  1. Which sign is symbolized by the Lion?
  2. A Cancer born person would have what birthstone?
  3. What sign is number six in the Zodiac?
  4. Taurus is also known as ____.
  5. I say Gemini, you say ____.
  6. If a person was born under the sign Aries, they often have what?
  7. Name one person born under Sagittarius.
  8. What is Libra's dominant keyword?
  9. What Planet rules over Virgo?
  10. What is Capricorn's birthstone?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Zodiac? 2