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  • Someone near you?

    I am surrounded by girls only in a private school
    I live in the middle of nowhere
    The only guy near me is 30 miles away

    Screw this crap

    Weirdo life Dec 20 '18, 7:12PM
  • someone you live close to

    Imperator Mar 8 '11, 12:24PM
  • someone who lives near me.. this boy i dont like lives a few houses down the street frm me.. (he's weird, i dont like him nd i dont think he likes me tht way) so ...

    x_Pretty_Girl_x Mar 7 '11, 5:01PM
  • It was a ok quiz

    Pretender Mar 3 '11, 10:07PM
  • The nerd. Lol.

    HPandLOTR Feb 26 '11, 5:29PM
  • isnt untouchable a song by the veronicas not taylor swift?

    ilovepink Feb 25 '11, 9:06PM
  • Sooooo......i wonder who it is cuz ther lotz of umm in my neighborhood!!!!

    SayyWhatsUrName Feb 25 '11, 7:26PM
  • Uh ... how can I get "the guy I like now" when I'm not dating anyone and there isn't anyone at my school I would date ...

    myimagination339 Feb 19 '11, 3:50PM
  • someone you live close to

    well i live close to some1 but im moving so is he goona live close to me in the other house?

    iluvdolphins Feb 10 '11, 4:38PM
  • Someone Who Lives Close To You

    Ok, this isn't a stalker. He knows you and you know him. He might be older than you or you don't even know him yet. Try hanging outside or go on walks because you might run into HIM.


    gaby400 Feb 9 '11, 8:04PM
  • best guy friend, i kinda know he likes me

    Quiztogo Feb 8 '11, 10:33PM
  • your best guy friend......so true yay

    kneekiki02 Feb 8 '11, 12:20PM
  • I like this guy who lives close...deadly accurate.

    Amberpelt Feb 7 '11, 6:15PM
  • I got someone from down the road,and it's true I have got a friend living down the road from me even he likes me.We are also BBF :)

    Chrisrox2001 Feb 7 '11, 3:28PM
  • Lives close.... pretty good... we have lockers close 2gether

    arctic796 Feb 7 '11, 2:49PM
  • I got someone who lives close to me.

    Cierra Waz Here Feb 7 '11, 12:41AM

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