Who is your YouTube best friend?

Do you know your youtubers well?? Maybe you do ! You might be a genius but there are only a few geniuses in the world could you be one with your YouTuber knowledge ?

Are YOU a genius? Maybe you will become one after this quiz ir not... But still! If you know your youtubers take this quiz to find out ! And it only takes a few minutes

Created by: Izzy of How well do you know your youtubers?
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  1. Which YouTuber has pink and mint dip dyed hair?
  2. Which 2 youtubers are siblings?
  3. When is thatcherjoe ( Joe Sugg ) birthday?
  4. What is zalfies pug called ?
  5. What is Alfie's mum and dad called?
  6. Who did Joe used to live with ? :(
  7. What is Zoí« ( zoella ) newest range called?
  8. How many Zoella PRODUCTS (not bags) does the creator of the quiz have?
  9. What colour lipstick does Miranda sings wear?
  10. How many years is there between Alfie and Zoe ?

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Quiz topic: Who is my YouTube best friend?