Who is your "YouTube Boyband" bestie?

The Youtube Boyband - aren't they awesome? There's Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman and Caspar Lee. We know how cool they are, and maybe quite a few things about them, but which one would be most like you?

Take this quiz to get your results and find out who is your secret best friend! Remember, in this quiz, your age and gender don't matter, so they won't affect your result. Go on - take the quiz!

Created by: Emma
  1. What type of videos do you like to watch the most?
  2. Describe yourself using these words:
  3. Name a negative quality of yours:
  4. Your dream date would be...
  5. How important is sleep to you?
  6. On a percentage, how good would you rate your singing talent?
  7. There's a new movie, and your auditioning for a role. What part would you play?
  8. Your best friend acting a little weird. What do you do to stop him/her?
  9. Do your feelings get hurt more often then they maybe should?
  10. Finally, who would you like your bestie to be?

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Quiz topic: Who is my "YouTube Boyband" bestie?