Are You Fun To Be Around?

What is the description of fun? Caring, cautious, and good times. Or crazy, wild, funny times. Or awesome. Awesome is better, but still. To be fun is cool, good, FUN, because you and your friends are guranteed to always have a good time.

So, are you FUN? This quiz is basicallly DESIGNED to pinpoint your area of fun, with easy lingo and simple questions that a 4 year old could answer! Find out if you are fun to be around, and I gurantee it'll be accurate!

Created by: TomboyKat
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  1. Okay, the first couple of questions will go like this. I say a random word, and put down the word that pops in your head. Got it?
  2. Ready. Set. Go! Bananas!
  3. Osteoporosis!
  4. Extreme Makeover Home Edition!
  5. Alright. Part 1 of this quiz is over. Part 2!!! Part 2 is a series of deep, emotional thought-provoking questions that not only tug the heartstrings but leads a journey into your inner self...
  6. Just kidding! Part 2 will be fun and easy. What's your fav genre of music?
  7. What's your idea of fun?
  8. Which TV show, in your opinion, is the awesomest? (awesome is pretty close to fun, so choose wisely)
  9. Alright! Now the good stuff! Part 3 begins in 3...2...1...Pizza! Just kidding. Part 3 test your fun skills in not only relaxed situations but in moments of life-or-death.'re in a dark alley. You hear a noise. Suddenly a haggard-looking man with a twisted smile is advancing towards you...
  10. You're hangin' out with your best friend, when you learn she/he does drugs. She/he offers you some. You-
  11. Part 4: Will you comment and rate?

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