Who is your Ninjago girlfriend

Have you watched ninjago before, if you have watched it, then this test tells who is your ninjaago girlfriend. Let's hope you get a perfect match. I would go for Skylor for me.

If you can prove yourself who is your girlfriend, then take the quiz. If this dosnt help, then be a Lego for life,( I wish I was a Lego even though I arnt).

Created by: Daniel

  1. Do u like fire
  2. What color is your girlfriends eyes
  3. U were sent to the tournament of elements, you see someone looking at you, who do you think it is?
  4. Who do you think is your cutest neighbor
  5. When you are sent to see if your a spy, they check your back who do you think is the spy? ( she will get upset)
  6. When you fall down n love with someone and kai is there and he wants her what do. You do?
  7. Who do you think is more uglier
  8. Who would you want to kill in the tournament of elements to fight for you girlfriend
  9. Will you still like your girlfriend of she turns into a sepentine?
  10. Finally, who do you think will win the tournament of elements if Chen wasn't there

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Quiz topic: Who is my Ninjago girlfriend