who is your naruto boyfriend?

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NARUTO IS A ANIME where ninjas are featured .It is one of the best and most popular anime of all time. I have to say it is my personal favorite. take this quiz to find out which of the team 7 boy is going to be your boyfriend.

Hey guys check out this quiz ,if you know NARUTO then check out who is going to be your boyfriend Is it going to be Naruto or Sasuke or will it be Kakashi?

Created by: THE GUY
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. favorite food?
  3. favorite Element
  4. Rival?
  5. Sensei?
  6. one word for yourself-
  7. RPG?
  8. you get kissed by ....?(who do you expect?)
  9. It turns out to be lee
  10. 2: you are in a hurry you stumble upon naruto
  11. if it was sasuke?
  12. if it was kakashi?
  13. bye did you enjoy my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Who is my naruto boyfriend?