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  • Ya dude number 8 is def 124. If you think otherwise your a f---ing moron. P.E.M.D.A.S ....Dips---!

    jbwether Aug 13 '12, 9:32PM
  • I got the hotty!

    clonardultras Apr 29 '12, 12:53PM
  • I am always amused when people act like a complete jerk when spouting fallacies in ignorance. It's that much better when they're proven a fool.
    Also, this quiz was terrible.

    Tracytii Apr 9 '12, 11:44AM
  • Hi Mathxtr5.

    Unfort unately the others are correct the correct answer should be 124 as you have to deal with the multiplication first.

    Gman Feb 9 '12, 8:28AM
  • Mathxtr5, you are a complete moron. Apparently you have never taken a math class in your life. Ever heard of the order of operations? Most people learn it in third grade.

    So let me demonstrate this for your not-so-very-bright mind: 12 + 56 * 2 = 12 + 112 = 124 because multiplication comes BEFORE addition in the order of operations. If the problem was written like this: (12 + 56) * 2, then the answer would be 136. Moron.

    msteve60 Jan 21 '12, 5:59PM
  • LOL do the math you tool 68 plus 68 is 136,

    Lets take out the 8 from the equation shall we? so lets SEE
    60+60= 120 now 8+8 = 16 LETS ADD THEM TOGETHER FOLKS>

    120+16 is OMFG OMFG OMFG!!! 136 bro go back to pre school and take math again you need it,

    Mathxtr5 Jan 9 '12, 3:40PM
  • 12 + 56 * 2 = 124 not 136.

    thisquizwasdumb Mar 1 '11, 5:28AM
  • there was only three types. put some more

    sarris May 17 '09, 3:39PM

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