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  • You don't need to be girly to get Aphrodite. That's just a stereotype. Aphrodite's kids are about love and beauty- spreading love, making beauty- not being girly and always worrying about their make-up.

    • I agree whole heartedly! I got Poseidon as my godly parent. But the first time I got Aphrodite! And news flash: IM NOTHING LIKE HER! Im 100% tomboy! But I guess every once in a while I can be girly too Overall it was ok. But I wouldnt recommend much. Especially with all the inaccurate spelling. No offense quiz thing.

  • I don't like Aphrodite because I'm not a girly girl. The only thing girly about me is that my favorite color is pink.

  • ehh....i got aphrodite im a tomboy soo....it doesnt really work but overall i still loved the quiz ;)

  • Lets go murder things!!..... Need a quiz with Nemesis


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