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  • Your Result: Go With The Flow

    You're laid back about boys. You don't neccessarily have a "type" of guy you like, just as long as he is being himself. You always have an open mind and a really positive outlook on stuff, and your happy just living life as it happens. Don't feel bad. That makes you special.

    Brainy Boy
    Guys As Friends
    Celebriti es
    Shy Guys
    Big Shots

    Great quiz! Loved the questions and options! ten stars!

  • Im very out of this day and age plus Im only 16 please make this more for a person like me add you know ever member of you favorite band (I know all the names in King Crimson), instead of just CD add Vinyl I love vinyl (better than digital and CDs) and add people in there we actually know such as Robert Fripp, Kevin Cronin, Jon Anderson and Steve Perry

    Thank you
    Also Im gay and this was an ok test for me

    Rhapsody of Fire
  • Shy Guys

    Thats actually very accurate. My recent crush is pretty shy. (thank goodness I know how to ask questions that keep him interested) But I was hoping for Celebrities........ ..*sigh* I WILL BE A CELEBRITY SOON!!! With ym Shy Guy by my side :)

  • fingers crossing for you, luvliccie! i play baritone, and so does my crush. which is great, because i just switched from trumpet about a month ago, and my teacher keeps forgetting to give me music. so that means i usually have to sit next to hi to borrow music, that, or near one of my good friends. if i sit next to the other really good friend, well, she usually almost hits me in the head with her baritone, so i usually dont.

  • go with th flow. yea, that sounds right. i do, though, generally fall for nerds and guys as weird, if not weirder than me. in past experiance, i generally attract bullys and friends i have known since i was four years old. so, i dont generally have luck on that end of it.

  • Thanks so much! Please tell your friends.

  • lol i got the shy guy... too bad im kinda shy around guys too... my crush is kinda shy/quiet.... AND HE PLAYS CELLO (like me) he is perfect... i hope he likes me 2(fingers crossed

  • wow! Great Quiz! I got 'Go with the flow' type guys! the answer suits me really... i love this quiz!!

  • I got Big Shots. This was a great quiz!!

  • great quiz!

  • big shots that is so wrong

    united states
  • wow, my h and e and m keys are really out of whack today. . .

  • love it

  • good quiz i gave it a 10/10 stars!
    that rarly happens.....

    lol time

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