who is your disney channel twin

are you ready to find out who your disny star twin is take this quiz to find out are you hannah montanna or selena gomiz or maybe dillion spruse or nick jonas find out in this spectactuliar quiz

are you a true hannah monatanna fan or nick jonas take this quiz to find out please this quiz was made by an11 year old it is accuarete so take this fun exiting quiz

Created by: abot101

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do love to sing
  2. do u like to act
  3. do you like to dance
  4. what is your favorite color
  5. do u wear glasses
  6. do u like hannah montanna or miley cyrus
  7. do u like the jonas brothers
  8. do you go to disney.com alot
  9. if so what is your favorite game
  10. what type of people do you love besides family
  11. what is your fashion style
  12. do you like hiking or shoping
  13. what type of music do you listen to
  14. how many friends do you have
  15. are you smart
  16. do you play an instrument
  17. if so what do you play
  18. are you ready for your results

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Quiz topic: Who is my disney channel twin