Which Disney Channel Character Are You?

Alot of people think they might be cool and all! But, after this quiz and if their fav Disney celeb isn't on there, then they'll be really disapointed and you'll say HAHA! JK:) Taking this quiz yet? yet? YET? Yet? yet?

Are YOU your fav Disney character? Hopefully! Id on't want YOU to be disapointed!!! Hopefully you, like this quiz, enjoy it, get your fav character, etc., etc.

Created by: Riley
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to sing?
  2. A celebrity shakes your hand and wants to hang out, you:
  3. If you're a girl: Do you LOVE the Jonas Brothers?
  4. If you're a boy: Who do you like better, Miley Cyrus or Hannah Monatna?
  5. Do you like HORSES?
  6. Is this quiz boring?
  7. Who's cooler, Miley C. or Selena G.?
  9. Who's your favorite Disney Channel Girl?
  10. Fav boy?
  11. DONE!

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Channel Character am I?