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  • no you can not have hiro he is mine all mine I have dreanmes all night about him, so back off he is mine all mine and you don't get him. I don't care if you like him but I have a huge crush on him and I took the quiz and I got him so he is mine back away from my boyfriend hiro

    hailey forsyth Nov 15 '15, 11:14AM
  • I'm officialily shipping myself with baymax. Yinmax is my new OTP.

    Yinny BH6 freak May 13 '15, 12:32AM
  • :D

    izzyXox Apr 6 '15, 3:34AM
  • hiro is MINE

    izzyXox Apr 6 '15, 3:33AM
  • Fred "How cool is that, I mean it's scary obviously, but how cool?"

    HoneyLemon Jan 9 '15, 4:18AM
  • Tadashi is mine

    Bh6lover Jan 9 '15, 12:26AM
  • Tadashi 91% lol

    sex_me Dec 10 '14, 4:33PM
  • Who is your Big Hero 6 boyfriend?
    Your Result: Hiro Hamada

    You got the 14 year old hottie that is insanely smart!! You got lucky girl! Since he is your boyfriend, you also get a baymax!! You are so lucky... Like Hiro always says, "I fail to see, how you fail too see that it is awesome!"





    "I fail to see, how you fail to see that this awesome!"

    Pyra Potter Dec 10 '14, 10:10AM
  • Hiro

    Beautiful123 Dec 9 '14, 8:02PM
  • I'M BAYMAX!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

    GamerGalXOXO Dec 8 '14, 10:17PM
  • I got Fred

    Redrose49 Dec 8 '14, 1:02PM
  • Tadashi

    Jinx Blackclaw Dec 8 '14, 11:49AM
  • Tadashi

    takitaki1 Dec 8 '14, 1:18AM
  • wasabie is mine

    Mikasa ankermen Dec 8 '14, 12:40AM

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