Who is your Avatar (Last Airbender) boyfriend?

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Do you really want to find out who your boyfriend in Avatar: the Last Airbender is? Try this quiz out and you'll find out who. The people you might get is Zuko, Aang, or Sokka.

If you do this quiz, you'll find out who your Avatar Airbender boyfriend is. There's only ONE way to find out! Try out my little quiz of only 12 questions! =)

Created by: dogsrulenotdrool
  1. Do you like funny guys?
  2. Which power do you like best in a guy?
  3. Would you care if your guy's head is bald?
  4. Do you want action in your boyfriend?
  5. Do you want action in your boyfriend?
  6. Who do you think you'll get? (doesn't effect score)
  7. Did you like this quiz? (doesn't effect)
  8. Which face do you like best?
  9. Do you like Avatar?
  10. Are you ready to find out who your Avatar boyfriend is?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Avatar (Last Airbender) boyfriend?