Who is your Avatar the last Airbender Boyfriend?

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Hey girls! are you a big avatar the last airbender fan? if you are you probably have a favorite character. well have you ever wondered who your avatar the last airbender boyfriend is.

on this test is 4 of the well known male characters. here you will find out who you are most compatible with. I hope you get someone you will like! hooray for you!

Created by: #totallyKataang:)
  1. you told your little sis to clean her room nearly an hour ago. when you walk in it looks awful! you say to her:
  2. Pick one
  3. pick a name
  4. what do you look for in a Boyfriend?
  5. pick a color clothing:
  6. what animal do you wish was real?
  7. pick a look:
  8. pick an nation:
  9. pick a skill:
  10. pick a sibling trait:

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Quiz topic: Who is my Avatar the last Airbender Boyfriend?