Who Is LorKirk, and do You Know Him?

Blah, blah, blah. I'm your (usually) friendly neighbourhood LorKirk, and this is your crash course on Who Is LorKirk and How Do They Plan To Take Over The Kitchens of Every Single Household in the Worl- oh, I've said too much. Anyway, The basics. Read on.

I hate a slimy green thing they have the gall to call a fruit - that is, unless it's a fried version of this atrocity. I like pretending I'm a good gamer, and because of this, when I get in a few rounds of absolutely dominating one of those ankle-biting sissies, I can't help but yell 'headshot' at the screen like a madman. Though I promise you I'm not. That's really all you're going to get out of here -- oh, alright, don't glare at me so. I've been writing an odd number of years. That's all, really. Go. Take the quiz now.

Created by: LorKirk

  1. Okay, so before you actually proceed with this quiz, you might want to check out the greeting paragraphs at the very top. Y'know, that usually overlooked block of text up there? Yeah. Read that. And while you're at it, try reading up on what/who USUK is. It'll help you loads. Ready?
  2. Let's start with some basics. Who is LorKirk?
  3. Where did LorKirk come from?
  4. How long has LorKirk been writing?
  5. LorKirk sucks at which subject?
  6. LorKirk is 20%...?
  7. LorKirk is of which sexual orientation?
  8. LorKirk prefers which pronouns?
  9. LorKirk's boyfriend is from...?
  10. LorKirk's ghost is...?
  11. How many languages does LorKirk speak fluently?
  12. LorKirk's favourite game is what?
  13. Bonus question: What is LorKirk's least favourite food?

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Quiz topic: Who Is LorKirk, and do I Know Him?