Disney Quiz-Hard

I'm a huge disney fan!!! Are you as well? If you are you should take this quiz to see how much you know! Mind you this is a hard quiz and it may take you sometime to get it all right! But then again there are some true disney genius's out there.

So are you ready and prepared? You should be because here is a heart wrenching quiz that might even make you question your own disney capability!!!Blah Blah blah blah

Created by: harryswife
  1. Question Round: Which foot did Cinderella's slipper come off?
  2. What is Goofy's original name?
  3. What was the first animated movie ever made by Walt Disney?
  4. Who is a character that is often forgotten in disney records?
  5. Sterling Holloway voices what two characters?
  6. What object always seemingly ends up in Pixar movies?
  7. Which castle was the disney castle in disney world originally based on?
  8. True or False Round: Walt Disney lived to see Disney World opened
  9. Walt Disney was not the original cartoonist for Mickey...but made minor improvements.
  10. Ursula from the Little Mermaid turned the royal family and several other merpeople into krill.
  11. Niro and Brutus are crocodiles.(yes there are some crocodiles in the south coast)
  12. The crocodile from Peter Pan is named Tick Tock the Crock.
  13. It took four years to film Nemo.
  14. Tour Guide Barbie from Toy Story becomes a permenant addition to the toy story cast.
  15. Consideration Round: What was the original name of Tangled?
  16. Consider what you have learned in school; is the Pochahontas story congruent to the real story of James Town?
  17. Consider that a new sequal to a hit pixar movie is being made. Which one is really coming out in theatres in 2014?
  18. I ran out of consider that questions, so I have one more question...is Jimmeny Cricket really a Cricket??

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