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  • a super star ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!

    bla city Nov 18 '10, 3:13PM
  • oOH ok i got model oOO yea

    Beccabells Jul 23 '10, 9:52PM
  • A homeless person... odd, but okay, I guess O.o...

    xxGreenDayxx Feb 17 '10, 10:31PM

    twilightsgirl11 Dec 12 '09, 7:07PM
  • Result:a model
    not bad but i think that models care too much about their apearance but still am happy with the results the moment i dont get redneck!

    unknown one Jul 21 '09, 9:01AM
  • Who do you attract?

    Your Result: A model

    You attract a model! Your so lucky, you chould be rich or famous if you go out. They like you because you know stlye and your smart to them so what matters.

    Rockstar Mar 3 '08, 9:06PM
  • A Redneck? Should that b a Pro or a Con?

    Puppy xo1 Mar 2 '08, 9:47PM

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