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  • Your Result: Used

    Everyone asks so much of you because you are so submissive. You wish they would just leave you alone. There is nothing more you can offer them. They have used you to your extent and now all you can do is cry.

    cripes! that makes me feel so pissed!!! unfortunately, its kinda tru... but i NEVER cry (or do i... only on wednesdays)

  • Your Result: Logical

    There is a part of you that wants to believe one thing, but it makes no sense. You always fight for what you believe in, which is normally right. You dont like fairytales

  • It said I was 84% lost...which is really true???I thought this was a finding yourself quiz and that's why I took it...I just can't find myself...

  • lost...sure... OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! I once got lost in Sears! i sat down on a shelf an dripped a sticker of a vacuum. then I put it on my head. It said $172...


    And as long as Phillip is with me, I'll always be able to find my way back home! *p.s. Phillip is my invisible friend!*

  • :) good quiz i turned out 2 b either lost or used pretty accurate :D

  • it said i was used....im used alot wen it comes to skool


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