Who are you more like, Luka or Adrien? (Miraculous)

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This is my first official quiz to see who your more like, Luka Couffaine or Adrien Agreste. I tried to make it accurate so hopefully it is..............

Make sure to answer honestly for the closest result and have fun, I'm going to try to make a lot more quizzes starting today so hope you like this one, BYE!

Created by: LucaCouffaine15

  1. First off, pick out of these colors.
  2. Which one would you rather do?
  3. Your....
  4. Which one is better?
  5. Who is better?
  6. Who would you sacrifice yourself for?
  7. Would you want to be a hero sometimes or 24/7?
  8. You have a crush, what gift would you give them?
  9. Which animal are you more like?
  10. Which power would you want?
  11. And lastly, who do you think your most like? (NO EFFECT)

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Quiz topic: Who am I more like, Luka or Adrien? (Miraculous)