Which miraculous AU character are you? (has alot of oc's)

Hey! Welcome to Which Miraculous AU character are you? This had alot of OC's (Original Characters) And the whole plot is an AU. (Alternate Universe) The characters you can get are..

>Iris *Adriens little sister*< >Maribelle *Marinettes little sister*< >Adrien< >Marinette< >Nora *Adriens big sister< >Katy *Adriens crush*

Created by: Madelyn

  1. If you were to be ruler of the world, what would you do first?
  2. ROLEPLAY TIME! You are walking home from school, because you have to..
  3. You get home, do (what you chose) and go to sleep. You wake up and.. UH OH! YOUR GONNA BE LATE! What out of these would you put on?
  4. You get to school and see somebody bulling another person! You..
  5. In class you are going to your seat. But on the seat by you there is some spilled water! You decide to..
  6. Its lunch! You get..
  7. After a few more classes it is once again time to go home. You do your homework and than you..
  8. Another day...WAIT! Its the weekend! You..
  9. Now its Sunday! What do you do?
  10. If you chose go to church, you would..
  11. After (what you did), Sunday flew by so fast, its the night. You dream about..
  12. Did you enjoy this? (does not affect score)
  13. (BONUS) Which of the people do you want to get? (most are oc's)

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Quiz topic: Which miraculous AU character am I? (has alot of oc's)