Who are you in the Hunger Games?

The hunger games. OHHH the games. do you like the books and the movies. dO YOU DO YOU DO YOU?? COME ON DO YOU. BOWS AND ARROWS, STAR CROSSED LOVERS. WHO WOULDNT.

Do you love the hunger games. DO you want to see who you are . the movie has so many character but who are you. Well find out who you are in this quiz.

Created by: SoccerAyah
  1. What weapon would you use in the games?
  2. which is your favorite district?
  3. Do you have any siblings
  4. what is your opinion on president snow?
  5. what is your strategy in the games?
  6. who is your favorite?
  7. how many books are in the series?
  9. Answer 2
  10. Um ANSWER 2

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Quiz topic: Who am I in the Hunger Games?